What to Expect During a Routine Pump and Well Service

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A regular annual checkup of your home’s water pump and well can help extend its lifetime, conserve your investment, and ensure you’re receiving quality water. When scheduling an annual pump and well service, here are some of the steps you should expect your well pump company professional to take:

What to Expect During a Routine Pump and Well Service

• Important checks: The checkup should include a flow test to calculate the amount of water your well water system is pumping, along with a water level check — ideally before and during the pumping. The pump service company should also evaluate the pump motor performance, which includes monitoring the amp load, line voltage, and grounding. Finally, your pressure switch contact and pressure tank should be inspected to ensure that these components are in working order.

• Equipment condition: Your well equipment should be examined to guarantee that all parts are in compliance with local codes and that the quality of the water is safe and clean for healthy use. Electrical components should be scanned to certify that the insulation, fuses, and bulbs are in good working condition.

• Water test: The pump and well service company should also provide a water test to look for bacteria, nitrates, or other potential hazards. They may also check for water hardness, iron, sulfides, and manganese, all of which can impact the look and taste of your water, as well as cause damage to your plumbing.

• Report: The final step of a routine pump and well service is the delivery of a report detailing the results of the inspection. This report should include any recommendations, issues or hazards, and the outcome of any tests performed.