4 Most Common Well Pump Repair Jobs

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Here at Clark Pump Service, we first launched our company because we wanted to create a better well for our family. Now, 30 years later, we’ve remained committed to helping families throughout the community build their own high-quality water well systems by offering repair, installation, maintenance, and replacement services.

4 Most Common Well Pump Repair Jobs

During our years in this industry, we’ve completed countless well pump repair jobs, and we’d like to share four of the most common issues we have encountered over the years. If you think you could be experiencing problems with your well pump, one of these well pump repair solutions might be the right one for you:

  • Pressure switch replacement. If your well pump’s pressure switch malfunctions, it can cause low water pressure, or it might lead to your pump not working at all.
  • Pump motor replacement. Your well pump motor can wear out over time, or it may malfunction due to electrical problems. A failing or faulty motor can lead to strange noises from your pump, low water pressure, or your pump failing to turn on when needed.
  • Check valve replacement. The check valve of a water pump prevents filtered water from going back into the well once the pump shuts off. You may find yourself running out of water or your pump running excessively since your tank isn’t properly holding the water in place.
  • Water quality test. Sometimes, your water quality can impact the efficiency and lifespan of your well pump. If you have a lot of minerals or sediment in your water supply, this can cause your pump to work extra hard to filter out those contaminants. Oftentimes, this well pump repair actually involves fixing any leaks in the well casing.

If you’re in need of well pump repair services, give us a call today.